People are hardwired for stories. We are much more likely to remember stories than facts and bullet points. That’s why storytelling is a powerful tool to use when writing a blog. Here are five ways to add storytelling to your blogposts.

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#1 Add an anecdote

Draw your readers in with an interesting or personal anecdote. This could be something as simple as ‘I was sitting at the kitchen table when I had this idea.’ Anecdotes give your blogposts a personal touch. They show your readers how you came to the idea of writing a blogpost, what inspired you or why you decided to write a blogpost on a particular subject.

#2 Create a dialogue

Write like you are having a coffee with your readers. It gives them the feeling that you are talking directly to them. Using the words ‘you’, ‘I’ and ‘we’ is a very simple but effective way to add a conversational tone to your blogpost. Another way to spark a conversation with your readers is asking them questions. Ask them to share their personal experiences and opinions. You can even literally ask them to share your blogpost.

#3 Show the human side

When writing a blogpost, focus on the human aspect, and not just on the topic. Personal stories speak to people’s emotions. They make your readers realize that there is a person behind the online content. It also provides recognizability. Your readers can see how you feel about a certain topic and compare it to their own opinions. Readers can relate to your personal story and emerge themselves in the topic of your blogpost.

#4 Add videos and images

Visuals elements strengthen your story and make it more interesting. Our brain retains visual information more easily than texts, so visuals enable your readers to quickly and easily connect with your blogpost and the story behind it. Don’t pick any image, but choose pictures your readers identify with. You can also add videos, and even GIFs and memes to add visual storytelling to your blogpost.

#5: Keep the bigger picture in mind

Always keep the bigger picture in mind when you're writing a blogpost. What’s the story behind your blog and how does this particular blogpost fit into that story? Think about how you want to connect with your readers and how to want to emerge them in the story behind your blog.

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