One moment of silence for Storify, please. The website shuts down on May 18th 2018, and the last stories will be posted on May 1st 2018. Storify allowed you to create your own blogs and timelines from social media resources (for example Facebook and Twitter). After years of loyalty to Storify, we are mournful that their days have come to an end. If you have used this medium in the past years as well, chances are that you want to extract your blogs and save them somewhere else. Luckily, we found a solution to your problem!


The name of that solution is Wakelet. This medium proclaimed itself the next Storify and spread the word that people could save their Storify blogs on their website. This can be done quite easily. And if we say 'quite easily', we actually mean really easy.

1. sign up (for free!)

Simply go to and sign up for free. Once you did this for the first time, Wakelet should keep you logged in whenever you open the website again.

2. Press the "import from Storify"-button

Once you did this, you can press the "Import from Storify"-button. Then, you have to enter your Storify username.

3. choose your blogs

The final step is to select the blogs you want to save on Wakelet, et voilá! Your precious blogs are now transposed to Wakelet, and you can continue to read them in the future. Wakelet also has the option to publish these blogs - as was the case with Storify -, so others can rediscover your old blogs as well.

Why Wakelet?

We hope this could help you save your blogs. But why choose Wakelet? Wakelet is not the only option you have, but in our experience, it transposes Storify articles better than other websites that offer this option. It keeps the articles in the same shape as they were before, and does not distort them entirely, like we experienced with other blog media.
Moreover, they keep innovating their website. Recently, they added an option to easily add tweets to your blogs. Also, if you want to find interesting blogs from others, simply press the explore button, and you will find articles to your heart's contempt. Another positive is that, just like Storify, Wakelet also allows you to embed your articles and spread them on the world wide web. Don't forget to adjust the code on your website, though, or visitors will be led to Storify (which by then will lead you to an empty page).

To conclude, we love Wakelet for its accessibility and presentation, and we think you should definitely give it a try!


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