- I’m working in the creative or artistic industry
- I have my own creative project but I can use some more knowledge about digital media
- I want to know how a creator can create good digital storytelling

Why choose the postgraduate DIGITAL STORYTELLING?



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  • Do you want to distinguish yourself by creating digital content and learn how to reach an online audience?
  • Do you like experiments on digital platforms (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, stop motion, geobased audio stories, video animation, parallax photography, cinemagraphs, videomapping, longreads, greenkey,...)?
  • Are you keen on taking courses at KASK School of Arts at Ghent?
  • Are you up for international classes in English?
  • Would you like to be taught by inspiring people like Jessica Abel (comics artist & storytelling expert, Out On the Wire, USA), Wim Forceville (VR-expert, Fisheye, BE) en Sandra Gaudenzi (!F Lab, Universiteit van Westminster, i-Docs, UK)?



This education program inspires with insights around online storytelling from international experts. You improve your media skills as regards photo, video, audio and text by making online variants: social video, a vlog, a podcast, a webtext, a developed account on instagram. You’ll learn how to find and reach an online audience and what the legal aspects of creating online are. Beside that, you’ll experiment with virtual reality, augmented reality, stopmotion, geobased audio storytelling, parallax photo’s, cinemagraphs, videomapping, longreads and greenkey. This postgraduate course takes a full academic year and counts 39 credits. The education program consists of 5 components:
  • Inspiration in digital storytelling (guest lectures)
  • Digital storytelling skill track (tutorials, workshops and assignments)
  • Experiment (weekly ateliers)
  • Internship in the professional field (inland and abroad)
  • A final project (personal digital story)

During the first semester, you’ll attend evening courses on monday and wednesday. On thursday you’ll work together with your teachers and fellow students in the atelier. During the second semester you’ll work as an intern and we will continue with the weekly ateliers on thursdays.



(This are the teachers of last year. Would you like to stay up-to-date of the new names for this year?)  

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