Who is REC?

REC is a talent network for digital storytellers

Founded in 2005, REC Radiocentrum specialized in aiding young talents in developing their media skills. Don’t be fooled, it was always about more than mere radio and when in 2014 the REC.academy was established, we opted to leave out ‘Radiocentrum’ from the name. Rather than telling stories through the medium of radio, we went full on digital and since March 2016 we are no longer REC Radiocentrum but REC. In September 2016, we launched the very first ever Postgraduate Courses on Digital Storytelling. Every talented media creator can call on us to become a true digital storyteller.

What does REC do?

REC inspires, trains and launches storytellers for the digital world of today and tomorrow. Since 2016, we host 2 Postgraduate Courses in Ghent, Belgium.

Postgraduate Digital Storytelling together with KASK School of Arts

Postgraduate Digital Content & Journalism together with Artvelde University College
Students who graduate from the postgraduate courses can gain professional experience with the Chase-team. Chase is a community of digital storytellers out to explore urban life. We empower digital storytellers to create engaging stories that kickstart cultural and social change.

More info

Want to know more about what we do? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Are you feeling nostalgic and do you want to see the former REC Radiocentrum again? Descend into the depths of the worldwide web and have a look around our former official website radiocentrum.be. Or even worse: our blogpost website as the very first proof of our presence on the interwebs.