We're a bit overwhelmed.

Last week, 74 (!) students started one of our postgraduate programs in digital storytelling at KASK - School of Arts or Arteveldehogeschool Gent. Seventy-four people who believe that being able to tell captivating and engaging online stories is an essential skill to have as a marketeer, artist, educator, media creative today. Seventy-four people that found it interesting enough to invest an important part of their time and money in it. Digital storytelling really is a thing, now more than ever.

We're still getting requests to join the program, every day. But onfortunately, we are fully booked. BUT!

In February of 2018 we will be starting a new edition of our postgraduate program in Digital Content and Journalism at Arteveldehogeschool. The program will take 3 months. If you are interested or if you're willing to register, please apply here.

Apply here.

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